Looking for information on the sale of the fifth? Do you need a loan, but you don’t know which guarantees to offer to the bank? Do you want to apply for a loan from Intesa San Paolo with advantageous and affordable rates and without having to follow a process that is too complex? Do you need a quick and easy loan?

You can get it thanks to the sale of salary: With this package, you can receive a loan from the bank as collateral by providing their own salary.

With this guide of ours we will see together how you can get a loan through this tool.

What is the fifth assignment?

This type of credit request is part of all personal loans and is reserved for both employees and pensioners.

It is called in this way precisely because the monthly payment is equal to one fifth of the net salary, or is equal to one fifth of the pension. The installment cannot exceed five in any way.

Repaying the monthly fee to the bank is very easy, as the installment is charged directly on the pay slip or, if in retirement, on the pension slip. The employer or the pension institution directly manage the repayment of the installment.

Difference between a personal loan and salary-backed loan

Difference between a personal loan and salary-backed loan

The main difference is first of all the method of repaying the monthly installments. If you decide to request a simple personal loan, the installment must be paid via a bulletin or by choosing a direct debit.

If you choose to pay by the salary transfer, you will pay the installment from the salary or pension and the employer or the pension institution will deal directly with the payment of the installment.

Who can get a loan this way? Workers with permanent employment, with residence in Italy and between the ages of 18 and 63 can apply for a loan in this way.

Even pensioners who are not over 85 years of age (on repayment of the loan) and with a pension higher than € 501.89 can apply for a loan with a salary-backed loan. Self-employed workers, unfortunately, cannot request it.

How to apply for a loan with the sale of the fifth

loan application

Which documents should I bring to Banca Intesa? Here is the complete list:

  • Fiscal Code;
  • Valid identity document;
  • Last paycheck or pension slip;
  • Unique certification for employees.

The assignment of the fifth does not require the collaboration of a guarantor. The guarantee that is offered to the bank is the salary or pension. Often this formula allows you to request the loan even if there have been problems with previous payments.

It must be remembered that even if this is a rather solid guarantee, there is no certainty that the bank will give the green light to the loan request through the sale of the fifth, especially if there have been problems before. The application procedure will however be checked.

The installments

Another advantage of the fifth assignment is that the installments are at a fixed rate . The applicant can choose the amount to be paid each month, as well as the time for reimbursement, directly at the time the contract is stipulated.

The only rule to be complied with is that the installment does not exceed one fifth, or 20%, of the salary or the fifth of the pension, obviously at the net value. The monthly reimbursement with a fifth assignment takes place through direct debit on the pay packet or on the pension.

The maximum loan repayment duration can be up to a maximum of 10 years. The loan can also be paid off in advance without penalties and at any time.

How to apply for a loan with the sale of the fifth


A loan specifically designed for those who have to apply for it through the sale of the fifth.

The loan with the fifth assignment can be requested at any branch by appointment. The appointment can be requested at the branch or by calling. An appointee will take care of the practice.

The appointment can also be taken online on the official website by filling out the form with your personal data and choosing the time and day. Making an appointment does not bind the loan request.

Time to get the loan

If you have opted to apply for a loan in a branch, the person in charge will be in charge of referring you after how much it will be possible to have the loan with a salary-backed loan. Remember that times may change from case to case.

When you can apply for the loan on the web you can open a file and receive the money in about two days. Only online loan applications allow you to get money in a few hours.

The interests

Personal loans with a fifth assignment often have lower interest rates than other types of loans. Rates are reduced, but you can always save money by checking the TAN and   the APR

The TAN is the interest rate, the APR is the synthetic total cost of the loan. In the APR are included all the commissions to be paid for having a loan with Intesa.

Also for the online procedure it is possible to decide the conditions of the contract and the TAN and the APR associated with the loan. Checking the different possibilities online, before applying for the loan with the assignment of the fifth, helps to save money that would otherwise be wasted in interest.

Doing research also allows you to choose the best and most convenient loan for your needs. With a search it is possible to make comparisons between the TAN and the APR and decide for the most convenient ones.

To find out about monthly costs and interest rates, you can quote. The quote is not binding on the request for a loan with Intesa and can be done conveniently online on the official website. Thanks to a quote, you can get an idea of ​​rates and monthly payments.

We remind you that the interest and the installment may change slightly with the stipulation of the contract with respect to the value shown on the estimate.

An appointee will evaluate the individual cases and the bank will decide how to proceed. to decide how to proceed. You can be sure of the monthly payment and the rates only once the contract is signed.