If you are a state or service employee at local authorities and you need a loan to consolidate past and current debts, here you are in the right place, you can find all the information and useful suggestions to proceed with the subscription of the credit product prepared for all those who need the consolidation loan. With multiple monthly installments to be paid and repaid to various creditors and providers, they reduce the salary in a very sensitive manner and cause the mere inconvenience of honoring different installments to too many players, making the operation really onerous and expensive for their pockets.

If you are a public or state employee, the ideal solution is debt consolidation, which allows you to reduce the various ongoing debts with the payment of a single monthly installment, increasing the amortization schedule, so as to rebalance and not overweight your financial situation. Moreover, also from the point of view of contractual and economic conditions, surely there is greater convenience in signing a single debt consolidation loan contract, rather than keeping so many loans with different financial and banks alive. A public or state employee can opt for the various debt consolidation solutions available on the credit market, see details below.

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The offer of debt consolidation loans available on the current market is similar to that of personal loans but, as we have already had occasion to note, the only difference that exists is that loans can be found for debt consolidation at prices and/or advantageous contractual conditions. The peculiar characteristic of the loan for debt consolidation is that, as the name suggests to the mind, it serves to consolidate multiple debts in a single financial product and obtain surplus liquidity: the preliminary investigation and evaluation of the feasibility of the operation (outstanding credit) is rather complex and longer, as it is necessary to adequately assess all the documentation provided and available for residual loans to be extinguished, the related extensive accounts, or the documents that attest and prove what must still be paid to the Institute credit or financial company to pay off the remaining debt; not surprisingly, the extinguishing accounts allow the calculation of the residual debt to be repaid for each loan.

Generally, the granting of a loan for debt consolidation is not subject to the presentation of collateral (or pledge or mortgage rights on assets owned by the applicant). In operational practice, some credit institutions may request, in special cases, the signing of the loan for debt consolidation assisted by bills, or requesting the signature of a third party guarantor or the stipulation of a surety policy or an insurance policy for death, accident, disability and/or job loss risk.

Faust: Gary Loan, the debt consolidation loan

Here is a very convenient and absolutely appetizing product for those wishing to sign a debt consolidation loan agreement. Loan Gary is a debt consolidation financial loan offered by Faust which allows the extinction of outstanding debts and the stipulation of a new contract on more advantageous terms. As we have already had occasion to highlight, if you want to pay a single installment, choose the Gary Loan: the credit product that puts your current accounts and debts in order with consolidation in a single installment. In addition to eliminating the loans in progress, it is also possible to obtain additional liquidity without having to justify the request: all in a lighter monthly single installment, benefiting from a lower and more advantageous fixed interest rate, with the possibility of deferring the duration up to 120 months and without any mortgage guarantee required. What are you waiting for? Go to a Faust branch to get personalized advice!